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Sep 18, 2017 at 03:08 PM

material ledger use of transfer pricing in combination with actual costing



I have a customers, that use material ledger for transfer pricing. In the future however they want to use it for transfer pricing and also for actual costing. As far as I know you should choose on plant (in configuration) or material /plant level (on material master data level) between 2 (transaction based) or 3 (single-multilevel). The first option (2), I'm associating with parallel valuation and transfer pricing, The second option (2) is as as far as I know a must for actual costing. However from conceptual point of view both are complementary : via transfer pricing you try to achieve an inter profit "standard cost/ or price" and via actual cost you try to calculate an actual cost, including all underlying variances. Where could you specificy which "view" serves for wich "goal"

In CKMLCP you can execute the actual cost for instance for one specifi valuation view.

Can somebody give me a hint?

Best regards,