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Error to install Sap Netweaver Trial 7.51

Sep 18, 2017 at 12:29 PM


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Hello Julie Plummer and experts,

I was following the Julie's tutorial to install the sap netweaver trial, however it has a strange problem and I wouldn't know how to solve it.

It returned the exception modlib.jslib.caughtException, and the message “syntax error near unexpected token `(‘ ” in the file sapinst.log.

What could I do to avoid this error?

Thank you



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2 Answers

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Julie Plummer
Sep 21, 2017 at 11:20 AM

Hi Rogerio,

We are looking into it.

Best wishes Julie.

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Rogerio Ribeiro Macedo Sep 19, 2017 at 09:41 AM

Hi @julie.plummer, have you already seen sometime this kind of error?

I am not sure how I could solve it.

Thank you, Rogerio

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Hi Rogerio

To me looks like the database is not functional. Can you verify that you provided sufficient disk space (df -h not displaying 100% for any device in particular for those used by NPL System) You also installed additionally required libraries like libaio as mentioned in the guide (which distro are you using)? You can also send me the zipped sapinst_dev.log file.




Thank you @julie.plummer.

@manfred.stein, I am attaching a print of a "df -h" and also the files sapinst and sapinst_dev. As I just could attach "txt" or image files in this question, I had to save in a shared folder in google drive. Follows the link

Also, I'm using the Suse Leap 42.3 as distro, but I didn't see instructions to install the required libraries. I was following this post on Please, could you send me a link of the mentioned guide?

And sorry, in my previous question, I was using a wrong command to read the log file. When I executed it correctly, it had the message "Unable to verify database access for login SAPSR3", so could be some problem with the DB as you imagined.

Thank you for your help!

error4.png (8.0 kB)
error3.png (36.5 kB)

Thanks for the additionla info, Rogerio

Let me point you to the section

Additional software requirement in

libaio requirement is mentioned there. I will crosscheck with Julie on the Newbies guide, was unable to track the info

. Otherwise your preps look good to me, so libaio is my hot lead



Hi Rogerio,

Did you try Manfred's suggestion? What happened?
Please tell me so I can update the Guide.

Thanks Julie.


Hi Rogerio,

Please check that libaio / libaio1 is installed:

rpm -qa | grep libaio

... and let me know.

Thanks Julie


Hi Julie,

I'm really sorry about my late answer. I had a personal problem and wasn't possible to reply you before.

It worked after Manfred's suggestions. Now I'm going to complete the installation with the sapgui configuration.

Thank you for your help and Manfred's.

Best Regards


Hi Julie,

just to confirm. SAP Gui installed, configured and my local netweaver is working perfectly.

Thank you again


Hi Julie, Manfred, Rogerio,

Please have a look on this:

Could be the same issue