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SD query


I just wanted to know the difference between SD Query and Reports

can we generate reports using Query

What are all the steps involved in doing sd query.




How to configure it.


Kannan M

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3 Answers

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    Oct 13, 2007 at 05:23 AM

    Refer below Links :


    SAP Query (SQ01) - create and save queryies

    Can we give Transaction code for an SAP Query(SQ01)..?

    1. First create a User Group T-Code SQ03 - Enter the relevent name in User Group field and click on Create button, Enter the Description of the User Group in Pop-Up window and save. During saving the system ask for object, save as local object, if you dont want to create a transport request.

    2. Now use T-Code SQ02 to create infoset, Enter the relevent infoset name in InfoSet field and press Create button. One Pop-Up window appear, just enter the name description of the infoset in Name field, check the "Table join using basis table" and enter the table name you want to join. Example VBAK. Now another screen appear with VBAK table. If you want to join another table, click on inseart table button, enter the another table in Table field, Example VBEP. Now save and go back, you can see the both table name in left side, expand it. Now whatever field you want in your querry, just drag it and put it in the right side directory written as 01 sales document header data or 02 sales document Schedule Line data. Last you assign the Use Group to this infoset, click on Role/User Group Assignment button search for your user group you created in first step and mark it flag (tick). save and go back.

    3. Again go to T-Code SQ03 and created User Group and click on Assign users and InfoSets.another screen will appear, here if you want to restrict the user, then just enter the SAP login name. If you keep it blank then querries is open for all SAP users. Save it.

    4. Now enter the T-Code SQ01, select the Query or InfoSet from list you created and click on Infoset Query, another window appear, here you can see the tables and fields you selected earler. Mark the Selection field as user have to enter in selection screen and Mark the Output field user would like to see the Output on screen. Now you save and execute the Querry, enter the relevent data in selection screen and again click on execute button.

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    Oct 13, 2007 at 05:34 AM
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    Oct 13, 2007 at 05:59 AM

    HI Kannan

    Reports: Reports consist of data, which is expected to be reveiwed or checked the transaction taken in said period. Reports are useful for analysis of decision taking for future activities.

    Some of the standard reports for SD & its configuration guide is as under:

    Standard SAP SD Reports:=

    Statistic Group:

    Purpose – To capture data for Standard Reports, we require to activate Statistic Group as under:

    --> Item category (Configuration)

    --> Sales document type (Configuration)

    --> Customer (Maintain in Master data)

    --> Material (Maintain in Master data)

    When you generate statistics in the logistics information system, the system uses the combination of specified statistics groups to determine the appropriate update sequence. The update sequence in turn determines for exactly which fields the statistics are generated.


    IMG --> Logistics Information System (LIS) --> Logistics Data Warehouse --> Updating --> Updating Control --> Settings: Sales --> Statistics Groups -->

    1. Maintain Statistics Groups for Customers

    2. Maintain Statistics Groups for Material

    3. Maintain Statistics Groups for Sales Documents

    4. Assign Statistics Groups for Each Sales Document Type

    5. Assign Statistics Groups for each Sales Document Item Type.....

    All Standard Reports which are available are as under:

    SAP Easy Access: Information Systems -> Logistics -> Sales and distribution ->

    1. Customer -> Incoming orders / Returns / Sales / Credit memos / Sales activities / Customer master / Conditions / Credit Master Sheet

    2. Material -> Incoming orders / Returns / Sales / Credit memos / Material master / ...

    3. Sales organization -> Sales organization / Sales office / Sales employee

    4. Shipping point -> Deliveries / Returns

    5. SD documents -> Orders / Deliveries / Billing documents ...

    & so on.

    Some of the Standard reports in SD are:

    Sales summary - VC/2

    Display Customer Hierarchy - VDH2

    Display Condition record report - V/I6

    Pricing Report - V/LD

    Create Net Price List - V_NL

    List customer material info - VD59

    List of sales order - VA05

    List of Billing documents - VF05

    Inquiries list - VA15

    Quotation List - VA25

    Incomplete Sales orders - V.02

    Backorders - V.15

    Outbound Delivery Monitor - VL06o

    Incomplete delivery - V_UC

    Customer Returns-Analysis - MC+A

    Customer Analysis- Sales - MC+E

    Customer Analysis- Cr. Memo - MC+I

    Deliveries-Due list - VL04

    Billing due list - VF04

    Incomplete Billing documents - MCV9

    Customer Analysis-Basic List - MCTA

    Material Analysis(SIS) - MCTC

    Sales org analysis - MCTE

    Sales org analysis-Invoiced sales - MC+2

    Material Analysis-Incoming orders - MC(E

    General- List of Outbound deliveries - VL06f

    Material Returns-Analysis - MC+M

    Material Analysis- Invoiced Sales - MC+Q

    Variant configuration Analysis - MC(B

    Sales org analysis-Incoming orders - MC(I

    Sales org analysis-Returns - MC+Y

    Sales office Analysis- Invoiced Sales - MC-E

    Sales office Analysis- Returns - MC-A

    Shipping point Analysis - MC(U

    Shipping point Analysis-Returns - MC-O

    Blocked orders - V.14

    Order Within time period - SD01

    Duplicate Sales orders in period - SDD1

    Display Delivery Changes - VL22

    Reward if useful to u

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