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Oct 12, 2007 at 12:55 PM

problem with pernr and classification


For orderclassification we have a characteristic which we want to relate to pernr.

the problem is that we can't relate to pa0001 since that table has multiple keys.

we want to have an F4 possibilty for the users who need to fill in this characteristic like the PREM search which is common in HR.

strange enough I can't find any related threads for this problem since I thought that it should be a quite common question. I also couldn't find characteristic functions for pernr ??

does anybody know how I can get a searchhelp like PREM in a characteristic for a classification ??

I also created a function for it to enter in the characteristic conform specification but F4 is not working and when I press enter it gives a shortdump since the function is not build conform specs for a check. but F4 won't work ??

anybody got experience with getting a searchhelp or knows an table with pernr as the only key available ??

kind regards


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