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Oct 12, 2007 at 12:57 PM

BPS STS Authorization for Approval Button on HTML STS Page



I need help. I'm almost desperated.

How can I authorize to inactivate the Approval button for STS User.

The start page of our STS planning is the overview page with a list of links with all units to plan.

(The planer user sees all Links and is able to click of the details Links of all units. But on the second STS Page the user can start with the Button OPEN PLANNING the layout. The authorization check, if the user is allowed to plan the data is be done in the layout itself. So if the user has no authorization to see or plan unit B, he wouldn't get the layout.)

Therefore the user need to have rights for R_STS_SUP (because of the STS Start page).

Now my question: How can I authorize the Buttons (Set for processing, Send for Approval, Approve) on the Second STS Page? User planer are able to approve their own plan and that is not good ;o)

If that not works. How can I start with the 2. STS page to start planning? So that the User which is only allowed to plan Unit C, get the second Page of STS and the UNIT C is already set.

Or how can I reduce the 1. STS page only to the units the user is able to plan.

So please help me ;o)