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Hybris Marketing Facebook Integration via SAP Data Services Error

Dear Experts,

yesterday I have changed the search terms in Hybris Marketing:

Afterwards I triggered the job Job_Facebook_Data_Load_ODATA in SAP Data Services Designer.

First effect was that 1278 Posts of Facebook were loaded we never heard of. Normally only posts of our facebook account associated to the Facebook Developer App were loaed (from one facebook account). Why is this happening?

Moreover when I now trigger the job no new post are loaded. I attach the log (token was manually modified by me) of the sap data services. I assume it has to do with the following message:

Total 9 task to search. -> There are 9 search terms defined in Hybris Marketing

Failed to reach the ... [] due to bad request.

Does anybody understand what I have to do here? What is the meaning of the error message? Why I could load so many posts into Facebook?

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3 Answers

  • Sep 18, 2017 at 11:23 AM

    Hi Oliver,

    in case you haven't done yet have a look into "rapid data load for SAP Hybris Marketing". Have a look in item DI6 and there in the user guide. It's described there that for facebook data load you need to define the facebook fan page name as a Search Text Term e.g.

    Your Seach Query's would then looks like:

    So for twitter you define real search terms, while for facebook you define the name of the fanpage. So I assume that your fanpages "Mastercard", etc. might not exist, hence the error. Maybe one of them existed and that's where you got your 1278 posts from you never heard of ;)

    hope this helps.

    Regards Christopher.

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    • Hi Christopher,

      Thanks a ton.Is there any DI5 document that talks about configuration ?

      I was going through the document and in the page no 6 "Configuration Guide Load social media data for SAP Hybris Marketing (DI5), enables you to set up or change the technical environment in the SAP Data Services if required."

      It will be very helpful if you can provide me the DI5 also.

      Thanks in advance.


      Rashmi Ranjan

  • Sep 18, 2017 at 01:25 PM

    Dear Christopher,

    you write here about a Facebook Fan Page. We just have created a normal Facebook Account

    and this was working until friday. Anyway does recommend SAP only use a Facebook Fan Page?


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    Former Member
    Sep 19, 2017 at 08:11 AM

    Dear Oliver,

    Using On-Premise 1702, we directly uploaded the search terms into the HANA using Job_Load_Social_Media_Search_Query. After which the other jobs like Job_Twitter_Data_Load pick up these search terms from the HANA table STG_SMI_SEARCH_QUERY.

    You can check whether the search term has been loaded by checking the following:

    Job_Facebook_Data_Load -> Con_Map_Facebook_Data -> DF_Map_Facebook_Data_NoCust -> STG_SMI_SEARCH_QUERY

    With regards,


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    • Former Member Oliver Schultze

      Dear Oliver,

      My SOCIALDATA table is completely empty too, and I have everything running. Typically the tag type entries in table CUANC_CE_IA_TT, can be seen in tables CUAND_CE_IA_TAG / CUANL_CE_IA_TAG when tags are created.

      I think you might need to create an SAP OSS incident to get them to have a look at your system.

      With regards,