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Change order of InfoObject attributes in Bex Queries

Sep 14, 2017 at 05:09 PM


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I have a question relating to Bex Queries. When viewing the Characteristics of an InfoObject using the Properties context menu in Portal at runtime, in the Attributes tab for an InfoObject, all "Available Attributes" are sorted alphabetically.

Does anyone know how to change this order so that attributes are listed in a custom sort order?

We have tried experimenting with the "Order for F4 Help" field in RSD1, but the number in that field for a given attribute has no effect on the order attributes appear in at runtime.



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Just to be clear you are only having this problem within the F4 menu correct? I believe once you actually pull the attributes into your report they should respect the order that you apply, whether that's done via Query Designer or on the web


Thanks William!

Yes, you're correct. We know how to change attribute order within Query Designer or Bex, but we'd like to re-order the sequence attributes appear in on the Help menu. Some of our dimensions have a large number of attributes, with some more frequently used than others. We'd like to sort them from least to most commonly used.




Hmm strange...any chance you can share a screenshot of what you have set up for the attribute display on the info object properties in RSD1? And your info object is active, correct?


Hi William,

Again thanks for the reply.

Attached are two screen captures. The first is a screenshot of the InfoObject in RSD1. Yes, the InfoObject is active, which you'll see in the screenshot.

Second, below, is the order attributes appear in in F4 help - you'll notice that it's sorted alpha, based on the text of the attribute. I've also noticed that even dimensions with "0" for the "Order for F4 help" field in RSD1 appear in this list. Our goal is to change the order in the "Available Attributes" menu to a custom sort order.

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1 Answer

Koen Hesters Sep 20, 2017 at 09:05 AM



you can defnine it per query (Just per Query) or per MP(just for the queries based upon the MP) or per InfoObject(whole BW landscape)

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Hi Koen,

Thanks for your reply.

I think our goal is to define it "per InfoObject" (your last option you mentioned). Would this be something accomplished via t-code RSD1? If so, how do we go about it? So far, nothing in RSD1 has changed the display of attributes in F4 help.



it's just a workaround, changing the names/texts of your infoobject/attributes, in such way the default alphabetical sorting suits you, you can do it via RSD1, but check how the object is shown in BEx (short/long) info-object properties -> tab bex -> Bex description




I see, thanks. I can see how that might work in some cases, but within our organization, the texts for our attribute names have to be maintained, so I don't think this is the solution unless I misunderstood. Thanks though.