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Oct 11, 2007 at 04:40 PM

Exit BSP / Launch new transaction


Hello all,

We have a custom BSP in the opportunity transaction on our Portal. This BSP basically has a table that displays subordinate transactions associated with the transaction we are in. We are trying to allow the user to navigate to those subordinate transactions via a hyperlink. We want the current transaction to navigate to the subordinate transaction. For example, assume I am in transaction 1 and the BSP displays a link to the sub-transaction, 2.

Using the CL_BSP_NAVIGATION class allows me to navigate to the sub-transaction but only in the BSP page. So basically, I'm in transaction 1, and the bsp tabstrip displays transaction 2. This is wrong. I want to completely exit transaction 1 and go to transaction 2 when the link is hit. Does this make sense?

How can I do this? Standard functionality allows navigation but since we are using a custom BSP with HTML code, I can't use the standard BOR.