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Oct 11, 2007 at 03:28 PM

GM Budget Release in ERP2005 ECC 6.0 vs Enterprise 4.7


Hi Experts,

We've just upgraded from Enterprise 4.7 to ERP 2005 ECC 6.0

In the old version of the GM (Grantee) Budget Release Document, there was a button to 'Propose Amounts' which would populate the amounts to release from the 'To Release' column. This button used to be on the 'Heirarchy View' tab.

This functionality seems to have disappeared in ECC 6.0. with the changes to the GM budgeting workbench. I understand that the Heirarchy View is now a read-only view, but I would have expected the functionality to have been introduced on the 'List View'.

I have read the release notes but cannot seem to find anywhere which explains how this functionality has been replaced.

For SAP ERP2004, refered to chapter

For SAP ERP2005, refered to chapter

The help files also don't shed any light on the subject.