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Former Member
Oct 11, 2007 at 12:48 PM

Update Rule Routine not deleted properly


Hi all

I have deleted a routine from an update rule, removed the key figure from the infoprovider and reactivated both the ODS and the update rule.

The update rule therefore no longer contains the datafield.

Unfortunately the the code for the routine still exists in the system (RSAABAP and other tables) and references in this routine to other fields are preventing me carrying out other actions, so I need to properly remove the routine from the system.

I cannot go back to the old generated code for the update rules as there is no version management. I have tried putting the field back on the ODS and recreating the routine, but the system generates a new key for the routine so it looks as though I have lost the link completely.

Any suggestions? Is there a way of deleting an object type R3TR ROUT consistently without doing it through the Update rules change screen?