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SAP Cloud Platform, java and agents

Sep 18, 2017 at 07:17 PM


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How do I deploy a java application on the SAP Cloud Platform that requires an agent to be attached via vm arguments at startup?

The neo tool seems to ignore non .war files, so cannot upload the agent files that I would reference from the vm-arguments setting.


What I would like is to have non-war files as source, that I can then reference from the vm-arguments, to set as agents for the JVM, something like:

vm-arguments=-javaagent:agent.jar -- or

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1 Answer

Katya Stoycheva
Sep 20, 2017 at 06:18 AM


In general, deploying agents is not supported as improper configuration may lead to jvm fail to start.

In your example, while -javaagent option may seems straight forward to support, -agentpath require knowledge in cloud internals (specifying full path to the agent and also OS architecture, etc).

Another issue could be that if two or more agents are specified they may clash sooner or later and cause strange behavior of the application. Since these agents don't come with the platform and are not validated to work (together)

What is the agent that you would like to specify and which is the java runtime that you target (neo-java-web, neo-javaee6-wp, neo-javaee7-wp + version)?

Kind regards,


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I am trying to find a way to deploy with JRebel enabled on the neo platform - In this case, with the neo-java-web (Tomcat 8) target, if that makes any difference.

If using cloud foundry, then it works out of the box, as JRebel is part of the standard java build pack, but using the neo tool, that is not the case.

JRebel comes in two parts, a native component and a .jar file, where you add something like -agentpath:/path/to/ (for a 64-bit JVM on Linux) as a JVM argument, and the native agent would then initialize and find the jrebel.jar and use that for the java parts.