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SAPGUI scripting for JavaGUI on Mac/Linux w/ Eclipse

Sep 18, 2017 at 03:23 PM


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I would like to create/edit SAPGUI scripts in Eclipse as part of a Java/JavaScript project. Then I want to run the script against an SAP System Connection (defined in Eclipse).

How can I connect to SAP GUI from Java (without Windows dlls!)

We can launch scripts against JavaGUI with guistart -f /pathto/testscript

  • this launches a new (2nd/3rd...) instance of JavaGUI logon pad and does not kill it

Is there any API/documentation for an already-running instance of JavaGUI on Mac/Linux? How can we attach to this process from a Java process to control the GUI?

Stuff I already tried/read:

Any guidance would be appreciated!

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Here is a great video of launching SAP GUI in-place inside Eclipse and there is no dependency on OLE/ActiveX

It's a feature of the "ABAP in Eclipse" - now I just need to find a way to launch that gui with a script...

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