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Bucket in webi

Sep 18, 2017 at 09:25 AM


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Hi Experts,

I am facing a strange error:

We have following table with DTI(report level variable).

DTI<.40=Count([Query 2].[Lead Id] Where([DTI]<0.4))

DTI >= .40 & <=.45=Count([Query 2].[Lead Id] Where([DTI]<=0.45 And [DTI]>=0.4 )) ForEach([Case Completed MonYear])

It shows the values correctly.

However once I remove lead id from this it shows following

As you can see in above image we have a lead DTI>.7 and 1 in .5 & .7.

My report need the last table but its not showing the count correctly.

I tried using foreach on lead id or case completed mon year but it doesnt work.

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Lead ID is dimesion or measure object?


Its an numeric Dimension.


Any suggestions guys.


This is difficult to say why it's happening without seeing base data.share base data screenshot and what is the formula of DTI variable.


DTI=[Finance cost]/[Total annual income]

Finance cost=([1st charge Margin]*[Query 2].[First Charge Bal]+[2nd charge Margin]*[Query 2].[Gross Loan amount])/100

Total annual income =Sum([Net Annual Income]+[Other Annual Income] ForEach([Query 2].[Lead Id]))

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William Ayd Sep 20, 2017 at 11:32 PM

Is there any reason why you have an inconsistent calculation context across Finance cost and Total annual income? Have you tried refactoring your formulas to remove the ForEach from Total annual income and make DTI something like "=([Finance cost] / [Total annual income] For Each([Query 2].[Lead Id])"

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Thanks William it solved the issue.


Glad to hear it! I’ve converted this to an answer then - if you could mark it as the solution that would be great