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Oct 11, 2007 at 10:10 AM

about authority-check object 'M_MATE_WGR'


hi all

I have a problem about authority-check object 'M_MATE_WGR'. the detail is bleow:

Read table T023 where the material group is in select option s_matkl. Then loop at the results and check for every found material group. If the user is authorized to use it with the ABAP statement AUTHORITY-CHECK with object M_MATE_WGR with parameters ACTVT = ‘03’ (display) and BEGRU = ‘the material group’. When the user is allowed to use it, store it in an internal table and continue with the remaining materials groups from T023. When the user is not allowed to use it, set the status flag to X and don’t save the current material group in the internal table.

After all checks have been done, empty the select option s_matkl. Loop over the internal table with the allowed material groups and fill up the select option s_matkl again with these records.

Thank you in advance .