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Former Member
Oct 12, 2016 at 03:40 PM

Web dynpro java currency issue after 7.01 to 7.40 upgrade of portal


Hi all,

after the upgrade of our portal and all web dynpro java apps, we are facing a problem on one application : the price entered with a currency is working fine for Euro currency (20.000,00) but if we enter japan Yen, the same amount is being sent to sap in the same format (20.000,00). however, the amount field is correctly displayed (20.000)

this application worked fine in 7.01 portal.

Is there a catch i missed during upgrade ?

Has anyone had this kind of problem after upgrade ???

I must add that all back-end structures are correct and link between amount and currency fields are ok ... However, i did not find the information in the nwds.