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Sep 18, 2017 at 07:01 AM

BRF+ Restriction in PRD


Dear Team,

I have created one BRF+ Application, and implement the Application exit by inheriting interface IF_FDT_APPLICATION_SETTINGS, and implement the method IF_FDT_APPLICATION_SETTINGS~AUTHORITY_CHECK and IF_FDT_APPLICATION_SETTINGS~GET_CHANGEABILITY, based on the custom table for user id.

By Doing this purpose is not solved, in my case we just have to give (Edit/ Delete/ Display/ Activate) access to decision table (Under expression), but by implementing application class user who is maintained in custom table can able to edit all the node i.e. application/ expression type/ expression/ data object/ rule set/ function etc.

My requirement is to open only decision table access to user so that they can maintain only entry in DT, when user click on other node he should get authorization error message.

Many thanks in Advance.


Kapil Anand