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BPC Planning Sequence Runtime - EPM vs BW

Nov 01, 2016 at 08:09 PM


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Just to give Vadim something to do as I know he is itching for a question :)

Running BPC embedded 10.1, EPM add-in 10.26 and BW 7.4

We have a particular planning sequence that takes 5s to run when done so via RSPLAN in BW but takes 3m when launched from EPM add-in.

I believe that the issue lies in the workbook (say A in this instance) that we use in conjunction with this planning sequence but I dont understand fully the behaviour so it would be good if someone could shed some light.

When we have workbook A open and then launch the sequence, the sequence takes a few minutes. If we have a different, simple workbook open then launch the sequence, it takes 5-10s. Workbook A has a few sheets with ~10 reports on sheet 1, 5 on sheet 2 and a couple on sheet 3; reports are 52 weeks across columns and maybe 10 rows each in length.

So it appears that as the sequence runs with workbook A open, it is doing some sort of on the fly rebuilding / refreshing of the reports and performance is killed as a result...refreshing the workbook independent of anything to do with sequences takes ~30s.

Any ideas?



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I have no BPC embedded system to play with :)

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