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Approval Process required for specific Sales Quote document type

Sep 15, 2017 at 04:49 AM


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Dear Experts,

We are in the process of Market Go live preparation, we got struck in Sales Quote approval process.
Issue Faced: We are using Multiple Document types in Sales Quote, in that we want to use Approval process for one of the Document Type.. We checked in the configuration and scoping, there is no option to choose.
Could you please suggest your views how to enable this functionality in Sales Quote for one specific document type.

Please note that this functionality is available in Opportunity object's Document type.

Thanks in advance.

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2 Answers

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Ankush Pashine
Sep 18, 2017 at 11:19 AM

Hello Murugesan,

Kindly follow the below steps.

1.Make sure the 'Approval for Sales Quotes' is scope in Business Configuration.
2.For the Activity 'Sales Quotes', you have 'Maintain Document Type'.
3.Further under Administrator woc ->Approval Processes view ->Create approval process
for the Sales Quote with condition related to 'Document Type'(as this standard field available for condition).

4.Activate your approval process with proper validity .

Once done, your quote will go for approval to the responsible person for the selected Quote's - Document Type.

Do set the post as answered, if this helps .

Best Regards,
Ankush Pashine.

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Hello Ankush,

Thanks a lot for your input and appreciated.

Yes we followed the same logic using conditions and we able to choose document type specific approval.

While testing this scenario in sales quote the Submit button should enable for the specific document type only, however if we use another sales quote document type (approval process is not relevant) the Submit button is still Active (enabled).

Steps Followed:

1. New Sales Quote ( Approval process not Maintained) created and external pricing calculated successfully.

2. Now "Submit" button is only ACTIVE

3. Click on SUBMIT and approval status changes to "Approval not necessary"

4. Now the external follow-up document and other status buttons are enabled.

Is it a correct behavior of the system? or any settings missing here to disable the Submit button if approval not maintained?

Please suggest your views.




Hello Murugesan,

  • Prior to Submit, the Approval Status will be 'Not Started'

  • The function of Action 'Submit' is : If you click on 'Action->Submit' , the Sales Quote document will go for approval approval if condition is satisfied - result the Approval Status change to "In Approval' .(in this status most of the fields and button will be disable until quote is approved).

  • If the Quote is not eligibal for approval,then on 'Action->Submit' the Approval Status will be 'Approval Not necessary.

For you reference :If you do not want 'Action->Submit' at all it can be hidden via 'Edit Master Layout'.

Best Regards,


Loganathan P Sep 15, 2017 at 05:21 AM

Hi Murugesan,

Activate the approval process for sales quote in scoping and while constructing the approval process,make sure you go with specific document type alone under conditions. So whenever this specific condition is met,then approval process will be triggered.



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