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Oct 10, 2007 at 01:35 PM

MSS - Customized Team Viewer/OADP Issues (ECC6)


Hi there –

I am on MSS for ECC6. My client has a requirement for the MSS users to hold the S B/002 S (Is Line Supervisor of) relationship in lieu of the S A/012 O (Manager) relationship.

I completed all the applicable OADP Config (including eval paths), updated the EE Search (Team Viewer) iView with the new Org View, etc., etc. Please note, I am very familiar with OADP Config and Org Mgmt.

When I test the eval paths in the backend, the correct employees are returned. In MSS, the Team Viewer results are atypical: sometimes it works, sometimes it does not (it will return too many employees). The only pattern I see is: if a supervisor has the 002 AND the 012 relationship. However, the employees that are returned, do not make sense. Some of them have no relation to the supervisor in Org Mgmt whatsoever. Also, if I go ahead and DELETE the 012 relationship and just keep the 002 relationship, nothing changes. Same results – extra non-related employees. (Is this a cache issue?) If an MSS user ONLY has the 002 relationship, and has no history of ever having the 012 relationship, the Team Viewer always returns correct results.

Does anyone have any experience with customizing MSS/OADP? Any thoughts? Is there additional “get employees” logic in the HRWPC_RFC_OADP* function modules that is overwriting or conflicting with my new view/eval path? Also, please note.. security is currently wide open, so it’s not a security issue.

Any thoughts/help would be appreciated. And -- if anyone has any documentation on customizing the OADP – other than the standard MSS BP Guide… I am really stumped and ready to pull my hair out of my head… HELP!??


Karen G.