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How do I use a formula, where I changed the data type of a field, in my filter in version 2016 pk2?

Sep 14, 2017 at 09:07 PM


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We recently upgraded to Crystal 2016 from 2013 and ran into an issue. When creating a formula to change the data type of a field, for example totext({datefield}) and then try to use that formula in the filter, it returns 0 results even though there should be results and it works in 2013. It does not say there is an error in the formula in the filter or the new formula I created. I tested with different fields and changed to different data types and they all did the same thing.

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Ian Waterman Sep 15, 2017 at 07:51 AM

As you are converting to text you need to check format of both your formula and field, they need to be exactly the same.

Make a simple report without filter and place field and formula alongside. You may need to add a formatting argument in totext()

See Crystal help for these.


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I'm not sure I am following. I am not having formula equal another field. I am changing the data type in a new formula already and then trying to use that formula in my filter. This always worked fine in 2013 but now it is not in 2016.

My new formula, for example, is totext({year}) and then in my filter I am trying to to do {new formula}="year". This will not work regardless off what field I use and regardless of whether I am using totext or tonumber.The exact same report will work in 2013, but when opened in 2016 it pulls back 0.


remove flter for now and place the the new formula (totext({year})) in details and see what is returned.

is it returning 'year'

If not then that explains why you are not getting any records