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I'm wondering what others do when a request from functional comes in because they want to test in a future date or the present time. Example , put the system time in ERP ahead by 3 months to test year-end or asset depreciation or whatever..

I've done it in the past, since SAP simply grabs its time/date from the DB/OS, and the OS is on the Domain and all is linked to a time service in the firewall and so on...

I've had physical access to the server and was able to detach it from the domain, kill all time services and set the time ahead and allow for local log in.

Now, I don't have that access and wondering what people do inside SAP to emulate a future date/time? I've found a few time travel 3rd party app. I seen a forum someone mentioning writing abap program using -SY-DATUM variable.


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1 Answer

  • Sep 15, 2017 at 11:28 AM

    The only truly reliable way is the one you described. You can fake it in isolated programs, but the bigger your test becomes the greater your risk that some little component somewhere is going to get missed out and just cause inconsistencies that are among the most evil bugs to track down.

    If it's important enough you just need to get the buy in from whoever owns the environment. I've been on large projects where this was done regularly as an organised part of testing for the same reason I wrote above. Shutdown SAP, DB and ntpd, change time, restart SAP and DB.

    Generally the local PC time doesn't matter, it's the DB and app server time that's critical.

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