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accrual postings

hi all,

how to define the accrual object and start period accrual run

pls help me.


supriya thodimela.

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3 Answers

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    Oct 10, 2007 at 02:49 PM

    Hi Supriya,

    Your posting is nor very detailed, however if you are looking for planning accrual entries such as Interest accrued and not paid, you may choose to use t-code FBS1. To execute the reverse posting use F.81


    Pankaj Ekkadu

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    Oct 10, 2007 at 02:54 PM

    Hello Win,

    You enter the data once for a business transaction that you have to accrue. On the basis of this data, the system calculates the amounts to be accrued. You can also simulate these amounts. In each period, you can start an accrual run, which posts all accruals for the various business transactions.

    The functions in Manual Accruals support the use of parallel valuation methods. This means that you can calculate and post accruals according to different accounting principles simultaneously.

    The Manual Accruals component is based on the Accrual Engine tool. The transactions to be accrued are managed in Manual Accruals. The processes for calculating and posting accruals, on the other hand, are managed in the Accrual Engine.

    Implementation Considerations: Before you can use the functions in Manual Accruals, you have to make extensive Customizing settings. For example, you have to define the accounting principles according to which you want to accrue your business transactions and define the calculation rules according to which you want to calculate the amounts to be accrued. For automatic posting of accruals, you have to define the account determination.

    A number of Customizing settings also allow you to tailor the functions to your individual requirements. For example, you can add custom fields (parameters) to the functions.

    These settings are in Customizing for Financial Accounting under General Ledger Accounting->Business Transactions->Manual Accruals.

    Integration: In Financial Accounting you can also post accruals with the recurring entries function. In contrast to recurring entries, the functions in Manual Accruals offer you the following benefits:

    · You only have to enter accrual transactions once, after which they are calculated and posted automatically

    · Greater flexibility, meaning that the calculated accrual amounts can vary

    · Depiction of complex calculation rules

    Features: You can use the following functions for calculating and posting accruals:

    · Processing Accrual Objects

    To enter the data for a business transaction that you want to accrue, you first have to create an accrual object. An accrual object contains all data that the system requires to calculate and post accruals for this business transaction.

    The functions for creating and changing an accrual object are the central functions of this component. This is where accrual processes are managed and controlled.

    · Periodic Accrual Run

    In a periodic accrual run, the accrual postings are made for the posting period. You can reverse a complete accrual run after it has been carried out.

    · Displaying Totals Values and Line Items

    Totals values and line items are stored for the accrual postings. You can display these.

    Hope I had been able to help you.


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    Oct 10, 2007 at 03:17 PM


    SAP easy Access -> Accounting -> financial accounting -> General Ledger -> Periodic Processing -> Manual accuruals -> create accrual objects

    Give company code, accrual object (rent or anything) , start of life and end life

    Then click on create button on item data tab

    Give accurual type, accounting principle, amount, currency and accrual method.

    You have to create one for costs and another for revenues

    Then click on simulate button application bar and run

    Then come to same screen, item data tab... click on one of the accrual object and then click on transfer accural item tab just above the line items

    Then click on calculated accruals tab.. there you can see the planned accruals

    Then click on posted accruals tab -- tehre you can see the posted accruals.

    Then save. The created items is displayed in the navigation tree on the left

    Everymonth run the T CODE FBS1


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