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How to fix vertical (y-axis) scale in a bubble chart

The first image is the bubble chart metric I created in Xcelsius. Since we're re-developing all of our dashboards in Lumira Designer, I am having a hard time trying to replicate what I did in Xcelsius for this particular metric.

The second photo is my attempt to replicate the first image. As you can see, it's a mess. I used an Infochart component and tried to go through each setting/property but I couldn't find a way to adjust the vertical (y) axis, and keep all the shapes of the bubble the same. Any guidance on how to do this would be greatly appreciated. I also attached a preview of my data set.

bubblechart2.jpg (76.7 kB)
bubblechart.jpg (171.7 kB)
bubblechart3.jpg (287.9 kB)
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    Hello Mustafa,

    We just started loading the Lumira 2.0 in our machines two days ago, and an SAP representative is supposed to come by today to set up the connections. I could not use the Lumira Designer yet because I've been working on Local Mode on Design Studio (using csv files). I have to create a dashboard prototype in DS that uses csv files because the database tables we have now were designed for when I developed the dashboard in Xcelsius (most of our data were laid out horizontally and Design Studio reads the data vertically). We don't want to re-architect the tables yet until we really know the full requirements of the dashboard, which is why I am manually manipulating the data to lay out how design studio is reading them (then re-design our database tables after the prototype), save them as csv and use the SCN extension (Bring Your Own Data feature) to upload the data sets into Design Studio.

    Going back to the bubble chart, I saw the "Fixed Range" option in the properties, but it only fixes the x axis but not the y axis. My y axis only has a range of -60 to 60, but the chart automatically scales it up to 100, which compresses the bubbles together. If I decrease the range, it will spread the bubbles apart, making them more visually appealing. If this feature has been improved in the Lumira Designer, then I'll probably just leave it alone and wait until I can switch everything over.

  • Hi Alexandra,

    Can you be clearer about what you mean by "How to fix the scale?" Doesn't the Fixed Range option in the Additional Properties panel provide the desired result?

    Also, given that your screenshot shows an Additional Properties panel for the chart, this suggests you might be using Design Studio instead of Lumira Designer because Lumira Designer charts no longer have an Additional Properties Panel. Are you sure you are using Lumira Designer and not Design Studio? Or perhaps in Lumira Designer you are accidentally starting it up in one of the legacy modes (Local Mode or SAP BI BusinessObjects BI Platform) instead of Lumira Documents mode. Please check your Application Design Preferences under the Tools menu to ensure the Preferred Startup Mode is set to "SAP BusinessObjects Lumira Documents" and restart Lumira Designer.

    Then we can continue reviewing your Bubble Chart issue.



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