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Script "save as" popup

Hello everyone.

I have an EXCEL macro1 to export some data, from SAP, as 2 different spreadsheets and it works fine, but (as you might know) the SAP script recording doesn't save steps when "Save As" and "Confirm Save As" popups kB)

In the other hand I have macro2 to complete "Save As" portion that works fine if I run it separately.

On what I need help is:

  • How can I execute macro2 in parallel when the "Save As" popup appears, while macro1 is still running and waiting for popups completion?
  • Would you have a script code to run after, in order to hit "Yes" when "Confirm Save As" popup appears?
  • As you might know also, when you export to spreadsheet the file is automatically opened. Is it there, in SAP, some configuration to avoid this behavior?

Thanks for your kindly support.

Best Regards.


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  • Former Member

    Hi Nestor, I am facing the same problem but I couldn't manage the "Save As" portion. If possible please provide me some information or data regarding what you call "Macro 2" please. Thank you in advance

    Oswaldo Valera

  • Hi Oswaldo,

    Sorry for my late answer.

    What meant it was that I have another macro that if I run it when I get "Save As" popup, it works fine saving the data on the file and path names that I configured.

    What I couldn't do is to run that macro while the main macro is running and stops in "Save As" popup; and because of lack of time, I end it up with entering file and path names manually.

    If I come up with a solution, I'll post it here as well.



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