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Sep 14, 2017 at 12:56 PM

SAP Design Studio getMembers on HANA data source


Dear community,

I am working on SAP Design Studio 1.6 SP2 and connecting to a SAP HANA view data source. I changed the initial view to include a dimension in the rows.

I have bound this data source on a dropdown using the dimension I have added in the rows. When I execute my application I have an empty dropdown box while there is data in the initial view.

When I trigger an alert on the application where I want to see the length of the values in the added dimension, I get back 0.

Q1: Is it normal that, in SAP Design Studio 1.6 and a SAP HANA view as data source, the binding does not work properly?

Q2: Is it normal that I get back a length of 0, while there are values in the dimension, when using the function getMember() in SAP Design Studio 1.6 and a sap HANA view as data source?

Another issue I am experiencing is that we are using more than one data source based on a SAP HANA View. ideally the filters should be applied on more than one data source. When looking to the dimension name/key I see a technical generated name while this was not configured in the SAP HANA view.

Q3: Is this behaviour normal that it ignores the defined name/id in the SAP HANA view?

With kind regards,

Kenny Peeters