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SAP Design Studio getMembers on HANA data source

Dear community,

I am working on SAP Design Studio 1.6 SP2 and connecting to a SAP HANA view data source. I changed the initial view to include a dimension in the rows.

I have bound this data source on a dropdown using the dimension I have added in the rows. When I execute my application I have an empty dropdown box while there is data in the initial view.

When I trigger an alert on the application where I want to see the length of the values in the added dimension, I get back 0.

Q1: Is it normal that, in SAP Design Studio 1.6 and a SAP HANA view as data source, the binding does not work properly?

Q2: Is it normal that I get back a length of 0, while there are values in the dimension, when using the function getMember() in SAP Design Studio 1.6 and a sap HANA view as data source?

Another issue I am experiencing is that we are using more than one data source based on a SAP HANA View. ideally the filters should be applied on more than one data source. When looking to the dimension name/key I see a technical generated name while this was not configured in the SAP HANA view.

Q3: Is this behaviour normal that it ignores the defined name/id in the SAP HANA view?

With kind regards,

Kenny Peeters

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    Sep 19, 2017 at 06:38 AM


    Even though it is not ideal we found an answer on the two first questions. Apparently you need to add a parameter on the dimension in the HANA view in order to have it visible and working while the application is run.

    The third question, being the technical ID's instead of the given name is still an issue when there is more than one data source to be filtered. When you select one data source, you can select which dimension should be filtered.

    When you have two data sources the technical -and selectable name in the target dimension can be the names below while they all are about, for example, business area.

    * 2HHM...

    * 2HHA...

    When you want to filter two data sources, you can only select 1 dimension thus the other dimensions will not get filtered in this scenario.

    Ofcourse, it could be handled with scripting, but it is far from convenient.

    With kind regards,

    Kenny Peeters

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