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Sep 14, 2017 at 11:26 AM

Data sources menu folder not present in Eclipse BW-MT



We just started using Eclipse BW-MT. After making connection to BW in BW Perspective we are able successfully import BW Repository and attach needed SAP Hana system however we are not able to get "Data Sources" folder in Eclipse Project Explorer.

Bellow is a screenshot of what we have:

Bellow is a screenshot of what we expect to have:

You can see "Data Sources" folder bellow BW Repository folder.

As a result we are not able to create any BW objects which are related to data manipulation - no data sources, data flows and etc. The error message we are getting is "Objects of this type can not be created in this project".

What could be case of those issues? Is this Eclipse project issue or something is not enabled on BW backend???


no-datasources.jpg (65.9 kB)
no-datasources.jpg (65.9 kB)