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Sep 14, 2017 at 09:40 AM

Which service user accesses keystore during mapping step?


Hi guys,

I have developed a mapping Java code, which tries to get private key from keystore and access then SFTP. All in the mapping step. I am however getting an exception because the user, undr which the runtime mapping is executed, doesn't have sufficient access rights to keystore. Do you know which service user this process runs under?

I am on NW 7.31 dual stack, scenario developed as integration configuration, so running on AAE.

Just to let you know how I know the problem is in roles - when I execute the mapping test, I was getting the same exception. Then I assigned J2EE admin role to my user, and all started to work perfectly. So I expect also to have it working, when I assign J2EE admin to the right service user.. But which one it is?

I have tries already PIAFUSER and PIAPPLUSER. No success :/ ANy ideas please?

Thank you,