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SAP PA 3.2 code generator bug in higher polynomial models.

Sep 14, 2017 at 08:29 AM


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Hi SAP PA team,

I am trying to create various classification models through SAP PA Automated modeler but noticed some bugs in the code generator module when I tried to export code for SAP HANA backend from the tool.

When working with higher polynomial models( > 1 ) it seems that SAP PA 3.2 code generator has the below behavior, which is a bug.

1. CSV export of an auto classification model with polynomial > 1 generates wrong code, stops at first level relations and not those relations / ranges which are beyond level 1.

2. No option to export SQL code( none including HANA UDF ) of an auto classification model with polynomial > 1. Only shows CSV , C , AWK , JAVA , HTML , TeradataUDF etc.

Due to this variance, we were not able to export the generated model code from PA 3.2 to HANA.



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Sep 15, 2017 at 08:31 AM

Hi Hasan,
I confirm that HANA code (SQL or UDF) is not available for models with polynomial order > 1. Not all code types are provided by the code generator, it depends on the definition of the model as per the matrix documented here.

By the way this matrix says Teradata UDF is not implemented for Order 2 models which is actually incorrect ; it is provided using a C code based implementation, not SQL.

I will add the HANAUDF support for models with order > 1 in our product backlog. If possible I'd like to know a little more about the use case and specifically the KI increase you get when moving from order 1 to order 2 or 3, so that I can better document the feature request.

Best Regards,

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Hey Marc,

Many thanks to you for your prompt answer and also including our request in the backlog. So I'll further answer, the two points requested by you:

  1. The TeraUDF output was indeed available in the polynomial 3 export model, I'd also exported the same for checking the code logic. So I concur that the documentation is wrong.
  2. Our reason for going at the poly 2 or 3 model was the F1 accuracy, which jumped from 0.794( poly 1 ) to 0.992( poly 3 ) and indeed we further validated it at next level using our validation set. In validation set the max that we could pump with level 1 model was 79.8 % and with poly 3 it started as 87 % without any other hyper-tuning.

However we encountered that we are bound by the framework and can't export the model to HANA backend because the tool doesn't support it.


Hasan Rafiq