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Sep 14, 2017 at 10:08 AM

MPD – Work Status Reporting


The definition provided in SAP Help portal for the MPD Work Status reporting is “This reporting mode gives you an overview of the MPD process and completion of maintenance requirements, for example, status of notifications and orders”. My understanding of this statement is that we have maintained “Compliance Date” under “MPD MP Header & Item” and the activities planned in the DIR are to be completed by this date to achieve the required compliance. However, when I execute the Work Status report, the Maintenance Plan status is always “Maintenance Plan has already been started”. This is irrespective of whether the notification (call object) is outstanding, all the call objects are completed within the compliance date or the call objects are not completed and compliance date is in the past. Shouldn’t the report help in tracking the completion of the activities within the planned timeframe. This is essential in SB/AD execution/implementation. So I was wondering if I have missed something here.