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Oct 09, 2007 at 09:48 AM

strange behaviour of tab order addres after patches


When a serviceorder is created from a notification the cust adress is transferered to the serviceorder. before the patches when you went to the order address tab you saw the name of the sold to party. when clicked on the envelop the original address from the notification got copied. so it was easy to see if you had already clicked on the envelop under order address.

now after the patches the tab order address already shows the correct address data from the notification. only when you think it's correct now and don't click on the envelop anymore the data is still 'not there' since it isn't showing up in the reports. after clicking on the envelop the data is apparently and correct again.

quite confusing since it is not visible anymore if a user has clicked on the envelop icon or not.

is it possible to submit the address data directly when a serviceorder is created from a notification so we don't have to teach these strange kind of actions to users ??