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Sep 13, 2017 at 08:55 PM

dbcc reboot(reboot, DB_A) also shoots DB_B processes too


I have a situation. I have a dataserver (ASE 15.7.0) on a SOLARIS 10 box. I have 25 databases. In the past we had overnight DB load failures of some DB due to the kill process not killing all of the DB attached process. To get around this I started using dbcc reboot which did the job perfectly! However, lately we have noticed that the dbcc reboot command will not only stop process attached to the given DB but will also shoot process associated with other DB. The innocent DB process are part of a massive EOD job which ideally we'd like to survive the dbcc onslaught of it's neighboring DB. I'd like to know if :-

a) anyone else out there has come across this 'feature'

b) why does it do this

c) how can I stop it doing this

Thanks in advance for even glancing at this frustration.