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Oct 08, 2007 at 08:50 PM

SAPFactory (release or close connections)



I have problems with a page designed in Visual Composer. all the datasources in our Visual Composer Model are SAPFactory, that indicate the model is extracting data from SAP backend systems only.

That means the model need a connection available for each backend

to extract the data. When the available connections to backend are busy the information does not appears in the page, this is a normal system behavior. In this case i need to increase the number of available connections to backend and also the lifetime of those connections, to do that, i need:

1. Start a session in the Visual Administrator (with Reflexion tool).

2. I enter to the next path:

Server(N) --> Services --> Connector Container --> --> SAPFactory --> Managed Connection Factory --> Connection Definition.

3. In the option Maximum Connections, i increased one the connections.

4. I save the changes.

When i do this or when i restart the Portal the problem is solved.

I need to do it automatically, maybe with a program, which runs every period of time, to release or close the SAPFactory connections. How can i do this?????

Exist any api or code in java to do this??????

How can i release or close a SAPFactory connection with a program?????

Exist another way to do it??????


Giovanni Bello