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Sep 14, 2017 at 07:45 AM

UI5/OData filter on deep entity


Hello all!

i'm working with deep entities and i'd like to explore a bit the filters on deep entities.


Given a Purchase Organization, retrieve all the linked Suppliers (which are deep entities of PurchaseOrganization).

Note i know is not really useful, but i built something easy for a quick example before dipping into deeper waters.

What i did

i found the documentation and example on StackOverflow and (i.e. this thread ) and i managed to make a proper call to my OData service like this

 http://<server>/sap/opu/odata/sap/ZPURCHINFORECORD_SRV/PurchaseOrganizationSet?$expand=SupplierLink&$filter=(PurchaseOrg eq 'PO' and SupplierLink/Supplier eq 'supplier')

And set up my GET_EXPANDED_ENTITYSET method on my NW 731 system.

And it's correctly triggered!

The problem

The problem i'm facing right now is how to handle the filters.

Because if i put my filters only on top level (PurchaseOrg eq 'PO'), i get it in the table MT_FILTER_SELECT_OPTION of the object Filter under IO_TECH_REQUEST_CONTEXT object.

If i add the the subentity-filter, the result is that i have just the MV_FILTER_STRING

The question

There is any idea on how to parse it?

i know, i can spend some time and build a custom logic to do it but i'm more interested into a standard solution.

Thanks all!


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