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sslstream Socket error on SDS project using HTTP CLIENT JSON OUTPUT ADAPTER

Hi experts,

I met sslstream Socket error while I tried to using my SDS to connect my app on SCP US West(CA) beta. My SDS installed on my Moonsoon instance.

Here is my Project codes:

CREATE INPUT STREAM myStream SCHEMA (<columns>) PRIMARY KEY ( uuid) ;
ATTACH   OUTPUT ADAPTER hive TYPE toolkit_http_json_output
TO myStream
	  bodyCharset = 'UTF-8' ,
	   requestUrl = 'https://<my-app>' ,
	   requestUsername = '<user>' ,
	   requestPassword = '<password>' ,
	  jsonColsMappingList = '<columns>' ,
	OutputBase = TRUE ,
	serverType = '' ;

But when I triggered project, I got error:sslstream Socket error: Couldn't read from SSL, no more details.

I could connect my app on CF by postman correctly. So I confused why this error comes.

Could you please mention is this possible using Moonsoon to Connect SCP?

best regards,

Andy Zhang

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  • Where were you running Postman from? Was it the Monsoon server?

    - I agree that using Postman was a good approach to verifying that your XSA app in SCP is available and running

    - If you ran Postman from your laptop as opposed to from the Monsoon server then it won't have given you any information on the connectivity from Monsoon to SCP

    Where are you getting the "error:sslstream Socket error: Couldn't read from SSL" error? Is that in HANA Studio? In a log file?

    - If you haven't looked at the "streaming*.* " trace, output and log files yet, then you can access those through the Diagnosis Files tab in the system overview of the HANA system in HANA Studio.

    - The log/output/trace files should provide some addtional information on the error

    What version of HANA smart data streaming are you using?

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