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Errors while deploying ear without comment on NW75SP08 after migrating from JCo2 to JCo3?

Sep 13, 2017 at 02:52 PM


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we change our code from JCO2 to JCO3, everything seems to be fine in build. But now when we deploy our .ear to nwdi errors are shown without cause. (?) Maybe someone can help me?

Here are the Details for one example:

Global [startInitiallyApp] operation of application [xxx/sd~vip~jpa~ear] failed with errors on server process [4665950].

Global [startInitiallyApp] operation of application [xxx/sd~vip~jpa~ear] finished with errors for [79] ms on server process [4665950] [
>>> without errors <<<] [
>>> without warnings <<<].


#2.0#2017 09 13[DeployThread[xxx_sd~vip~jpa~ear],5,Managed_Application_Thread]#Plain##
Global [startInitiallyApp] operation of application [xxxx/sd~vip~jpa~ear] failed with errors on server process [4665950].#

#2.0#2017 09 13[DeployThread[xxx_sd~vip~jpa~ear],5,Managed_Application_Thread]#Plain##
Global [startInitiallyApp] operation of application [xxxx/sd~vip~jpa~ear] finished with errors for [79] ms on server process [4665950] [
>>> without errors <<<] [
>>> without warnings <<<].#


#2.0#2017 09 13 16:36:32:756#+0200#Info#/System/Server# Transaction : 159745#C3A8CFFA93C411E79DC500505691331D#c3a8cffa93c411e79dc500505691331d#00000000000000000000000000000000#0#Thread[Managed_Application_Thread_38,5,Managed_Application_Thread]
Job started on Wed, 13 Sep 2017 16:36:32:748 CEST
, Scheduler: bcf903e2589011e5b7ba2c44fd86de84
, Job ->
, TaskName: DeleteTokensTask
, JobDefName: DeleteExpiredTokensJob
, JobName: DeleteExpiredTokensJob
, TaskId: f952bcbaf77911e6afe300000047325e
, JobId: f0018055989011e79d6d00000047325e
, JobDefId: 488dd8d69b8011e6ca9700000047325e
, Node: Server 00 00_46659
, JMS MessageID: ID:4A6D010000000054-0000000009C8
, Current Attempt: 1
, Attempts Left: 4
, Re-Delivery Delay Interval: 2000 milliseconds#

#2.0#2017 09 13 16:36:32:766#+0200#Info#/System/Server# Transaction : 159745#C3A8CFFA93C411E79DC500505691331D#c3a8cffa93c411e79dc500505691331d#00000000000000000000000000000000#0#Thread[Managed_Application_Thread_38,5,Managed_Application_Thread]
Job ended on Wed, 13 Sep 2017 16:36:32:760 CEST
, Job ->
, JobId: f0018055989011e79d6d00000047325e#

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This seems like a deployment problem on the AS Java. Would you please attach the deployment.x.trc and deployment.log (from the target AS Java) recording data of this deployment attempt.

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Thanks for reply. But: Where do i find this?

I search without result. I only know Default/Server/Application Traces etc., but without any hint. Deploy is on local development server.


deployment traces & logs are located in the JAVA central instance work folder

(\usr\sap\<AS-JAVA-SystemID>\<central instance>\work)

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Milen Dontcheff

Yes, thanks, but there is no file with actual data respective the deployment.


Then the deployment call does not get to the AS Java.

Please clarify from where to where you do make this deplyoment: NWDS - NWDI - RTS AS Java or NWDI - RTS .

In case of NWDI involve, on which tab the import is happening - DEV, CONS, TEST, PROD?

Please attach the relevant logs from the CMS: open Transport Studio - Details - the failed import and observe the 3 steps:

Repository Import


SDM deployment.

Where the import fails? Please attach the relevant log.

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Milen Dontcheff

We deploy from NWDS to local Server for testing (DEV). After app working we check-in and go through CMS for integration and productive system deploy (CONS, TEST, PROD). What i can see there are only the 2 log files whose content i post when i deploy. All others are not "updated" for logging. For testing i undeploy DCs in NWDS (they were deleted, nothing visible in NWDS) and make new deployment. After that they are visible, so deployment takes place in some kinds, but still not working.

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1 Answer

Milen Dontcheff
Sep 20, 2017 at 02:06 PM

So, there is local deployment from the NWDS to the AS Java. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not.

When it does not work, it should be analysed

- the .log from the NWDS - SAP note 2078679

- the deplyoment.x.trc and deployment.log from the work directory of the instance which is configured in the NWDS (SAP AS JAVA)

When the deployment logs are not updated and there is no error in the .log file, there is a network issue that prevents this deployment.

In case the AS Java is on virtual machine, please consider (only) the Resolution in this SAP KBA:

2417079 - Wrong Deployment Variable in CMS

In case there are multiple NIC adaptors of the server, where the target AS Java of the local deployment is, please consider this SAP note:

1158626 - P4 connection to ICM on machine with multiple IPs fails

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Sorry, but all works if we had JCo2, nothing has changed in evironment, CMS isnt involved in local development, WHEN logging is written there is no information whats wrong. So sap notes doesnt help in this case. Maybe dependencies are wrong after changing JCo2 to JCo3? Only an assumption. We dont find loggings with information to that except the above logging.


... well you did mention the source code is working "as a charm" with JCo 2 . Then it should be considered whether this piece of software might work with JCo3 at all.

Definitely, it does not seem to be neither a deployment nor a software logistic matter. If JCo3 might be used with this feature, it might be indeed related to either the build-time dependencies or a build error due to incorrect libraries being used.

It is also possible, the deployable archive to be corrupt or created with some kind of error in the build process.