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Feature Request: edit/rewrite question for not owner

Oct 12, 2016 at 01:16 PM


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In SO users with special bedge or a lvl of karma can edit/format the question that many times has incorrect tags, is written wrong or is not well formatted.

Is it possible to do it also here?

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What is SO? Stack Overflow? Hm, if only someone could edit this question to make it more clear. ;)

From my experience, on SCN such thing can go terribly wrong. Some people here are very territorial about their questions and even the moderator changes can rustle some jimmies. Also if karma is as easily cheated as the old points then having many points won't always be an indication that the person is much more experienced than anyone else.

Personally, I'm more in favor of alerting a moderator in extreme cases or just asking for a clarification. It is a professional forum, after all, and I'm assuming no one just jumps in to fix your Word documents or spreadsheets or Powerpoints at work, unless you ask for it. So why would we do that on SCN?

I do understand your concern though, some questions really make me wish for that kind of power. Maybe you should volunteer to be a moderator? :)

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Veselina Peykova
Oct 12, 2016 at 02:13 PM

If you are not the question author and you see incorrect tags or not well written content, you have two options - ask politely the OP to edit the information (sometimes you need to guide him how to do that) or alert the moderator, who can do that on behalf of the question creator .

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If this should be really a community driven Q/A site you should consider to allow normal user with some karma to do that.

That's why StackOverflow works well ;)

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Emanuele Ricci

Hi Emanuele,

Great feedback, and Thank you Veselina for your quick response. @Emanuele, is it possible for you to provide this feedback in


Hi Bill, which should be the correct Product Area to submit my idea into?


The problem with this suggestion is that Karma currently represents your overall contribution in multiple areas (at least this is how I understood this from the blogs). Moderators are typically chosen to be experts in the topic/tag/whatever you name it, which they moderate.

For example, my SD knowledge can help me determine if a SD-related question is properly tagged or if the information is understandable by a SD functional consultant, but if it is PO - I would not interfere, because I am not qualified enough to decide if this is a FAQ, if it is tagged correctly or if the OP can understand at least the basic concepts.

Maybe not Karma, but some other criteria could be used - like the expertise indicator, which we will get at some point in the future. And this is only if the moderators are comfortable with such idea, because what if there is already a moderator alert for that? What if the issue with the question is not just an incorrect tag or a poor spelling, but some ROE violation?


Hi Vaselina, you said well, you know that you are not qualified enough for some topic so you will do that.

Anyway to reformat/edit a question you don't need to have knowledge about the specific topic.

I really suggest you to take a look at the StackOverflow system. I know that this is just a start but you should learn and take some ideas from there because they're the biggest efficient crowdsourced Q/A site ;)


I am not a part of the SAP team and I cannot actually influence SAP design decisions (if I could, the site will look much different than what we all see now). :)

Yes, I know that I am not qualified and I am responsible enough not to touch things, which I don't understand. And if I think that the content needs to go through moderation, I would use the alert button, but I cannot say that everybody else would do the same.

And think about the OP - you edit somebody else's content - are you absolutely sure that you understood what he asked? Did the OP ask you to help him rephrase his post?

In one of the few blogs I have created in SCN, I said, that if somebody speaking the languages I am comfortable communicating in, faces difficulties explaining to other members what is the exact issue, he can PM me - even if I don't know the exact terminology for the module, I can try to find a friend or colleague to help with the translation. But this is only if the person asks me to do that, I am not going to change content without the OP's permission - I will only send via PM how to rephrase the question or I will explain to him what the forum members replied.

I don't need to be a moderator to help people.