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Contact from Self Identified to Verified

Sep 13, 2017 at 01:01 PM


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Hello Experts, SAP,

I have tested the following scenario: a Contact was in Self Identified level status, the contact clicked on a link in an email that I have sent after the contact had registered ina form. The contact has not passed to the next stage --> Verified as expected. Why? Should I have to configure something?

Many thanks,



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Hakan Köse Sep 15, 2017 at 03:59 AM

Hi Paolo,

If your validation status logic differs from SAP's standarts, you should adapt IF_CUAN_CE_IC_UPDATE_SP7~IMP_IA_IC_UPDATE_IC_ROOT method. Otherwise, you can have a look at standart BAdI implementation. There's an example class that holds SAP's standart logic. You can check those standart codes.

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Stefan Nasshan
Sep 13, 2017 at 03:20 PM

This is difficult to answer as it depends on what has been defined as criteria for each level. This can e. g. also be influenced in a BAdI so we would have to know whether there has been implemented sth and if yes, why it did not lead to a level up.

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Hi Stefan,

where/how can I define those criteria you mentioned above? Is i possible in customizing? I'm able to define the validation status with the status-codes but I've not seen any "rules" or something like that where these status-codes are calculated.





The code for that is (in on-premise) present in the BAdI CUAN_INTERACTION_CONTACT, in the method IF_CUAN_CE_IC_UPDATE_SP7~IMP_IA_IC_UPDATE_IC_ROOT, where the code is present.

There should be something similar in the application Custom Logic in the cloud environment. For any new statutes, the code there would need to be updated.

With regards,



Basically you are stating that as for the standard a contact can be converted from self identified to verified just modifying it manually? And coding is required to convert it?


Dear Paolo,

Based on incoming interactions or contact data, the system uses the BAdI to check what types of Origin ID's an Interaction Contact has. Based on the Origin ID the validation status gets determined inside the coding of the BAdI.

i don't know whether you can change the status of an Interaction Contact manually. So far as I have seen (on on-prem 1702) this does not seem possible.

For instance:

1. prospect only had Twitter id, and email and has validation status "Verified"

2. prospect created account in Hybris Commerce and buys something, and validation status changes to "Business Partner"

With regards,