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Uploading CSV file into HCP for IMPORT FROM statement usage


I've created HANA model for BOC on HCP and everything is fine till source data update.

Automatic or semi automatic upload of source data into HANA DB on HCP is the problem which I've been trying to solve for a long time with no succes. I gave up. So, I'm looking for expert's advice.

Over 3M records of new data has to be uploaded biweekly from external CSV file.

Data is "secret" from customer's point of view so I'm not able to user Google drive or another cloud's like solution provided by SAP.

From the other hand manual import of huge CSV files via SAP HANA Studio (Eclipse) into HANA DB is a nightmare for me.

As far as I know there is SQL statement "IMPORT FROM" to do it much faster and with more control. It could be fine solution for me but...

Yes... there is a "but"... as always.

Please correct me if I'm wrong but source data file to use with IMPORT FROM statement has to be available "locally" for my instance of HCP (HANA DB) server ... means be somewhere on this very server.

Is there mechanizm to automaic, semi automatic or even manual upload file onto my HCP server for later use with for example with SQL statement IMPORT FROM?

If yes (I hope!) then:

- how this procedure looks like ... means how can I upload any file onto my HCP instance (manually or automatic)?

- what is a pattern for filepath in IMPORT FROM statement after this kind of upload?

- how can I automate this very process (upload file from choosen location onto HCP server, run SQL procedure to import data and so on...)?



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1 Answer

  • Sep 17, 2017 at 12:45 AM

    You're right in your understanding that IMPORT FROM is not available for your HCP instance.

    Instead, make use the HCI data integration. You can use HCI to connect to local data provisioning agents, e.g. for using the FileAdapter.

    That way the whole communication is secure and the files can just be placed into the monitored folder for "upload".

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    • Hi Lars, et al.

      HCI is a paid component with no Trial at the moment (available only for Partners, ttbomk). Another issues with it it - is that it requires a local installation (package is not available for Mac though, only Win and Lix). So just another peace o software, and I'm trying to figure out why it's better than others...

      1/ If you manage your own Ent. installation of HANA, there are other easier ways to upload huge data - like IMPORT & CTL

      2/ if your a teachy fun, why not to use Vora & HDFS for ex. and

      3/ If you a Developer looking for Big data scenarios on HCP without additional paid components there is no option for you except writing your own JSScript\Web service routine

      Maybe someone can suggest other SAP out-of-the-box options for that can be used in a pure HANA cloud scenarios for Gb data uploads? SDA maybe, is it on top component too?