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RTCDSR "Raise Data Submit Request" not working

Sep 12, 2017 at 06:23 AM


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Hi gurus:

I am working on S4H 1610 FS02 implementing RTC but I have found and issue on tcode

RTCDSR "Raise Data Submit Request" since all the entities have leading zeros so I was able to solve it implementing sap note 2490401 but after this when I execute RTCDSR the system is saying that "no available data submit request to raise", then what I did is to post a document on ACDOCA using FB50 because my understanding is that RTCDSR is going to take data from ACDOCA and is going to submit, but that is not happening, am I missing some step?



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Hi Joseph,

Do you manage to get your query resolved? The reason for my question is that we are experiencing the same issue.

Kind regards


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1 Answer

Lucas Costa Sep 12, 2017 at 09:23 PM

From what I remember you're using the S/4 RTC CT right?

In that case, after you run the CT data will be available for Raising. Had some issues in the begging of my project with the entities as I uploaded them from flat file and were saved with "external" format.

Have you tried using RTCDSRB - Request Data Submission for Multiple Entities?

Check note:

2445455 - Initial Upload, Flexible Upload and Batch Data Submit Requests

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Former Member

Hi Lucas

We run BPC CT. When I run tx code RTCDSR we also get the same error message as above. What step are we missing

Your assistance will be much appreciated




Hi Isme,

The issues I had with raise data submit were related to leading zeros and because I was uploading from file causing some issues with master data.

If I remember well, after debugging the issue I found that when the program was trying to select data from ACDOCC joining with the mapping entity table. ABAP can come in handy debugging this process, put a breakpoint in program

RTC_RAISE_PR_F01, form frm_set_delta around line 1240... Let me know if you're not hitting this point.

Furthermore, note 2490401 - Customized entity IOBJs to replace /ERP/ECOMP & /ERP/ICOMP to solve leading-zero problem in entity mapping has been updated yesterday it might sort out the issue.