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Oct 06, 2007 at 06:47 AM

T-code VL01 for recording


Hi experts,

I have a requirement to get the details all the screen fields which come while creating outbound delivery (VL01) for the purpose of recording. So could any body gives me all the fields which ll be useful for recording VL01 transaction code. I have analysied everything i have got 20 fields. shown below.

1.Shipping point/receiving point: LIKP-VSTEL (Mandatory field)

The physical location (for example, a warehouse or collection of loading ramps) from which you ship the item.

2.Selection Date:(delivery selecion date): LV50C-DATBI

The date with which you select the delivery that you want to process.


The number of the sales order that you want to use as the basis for the delivery.

4.From item:LV50C-ABPOS

The number of the document item with which your want to start your selection.

5.To Item: LV50C-BIPOS

The number of the document item with which you want end your selection.

6.Delivery Type: LIKP-LFART (mandatory)

A classification that distinguishes between different types of delivery.

7.Sales Organization:LIKP-VKORG (mandatory)

An Organizational unit resposible for the sale of certain products or services.The responsibility of a sales organization may include legal liability for products

and customer claims.

8.Distribution channel:RV50A-VTWEG (mandatory)

The way in which products or services reah the customer.

9.Division:RV50A-SPART (mandatory)

A way of grouping materials, products, or services.

10.Ship-to-pary: KUWEV-KUNNR

The party who receives delivery of the goods.


The number that uniquely identifies the delivery.

12.Document Date in Document:LIKP-BLDAT

The document date is the date on which the original document was issued.

13.Planned Goods movement date:LIKP-WADAT

The date on which the goods must physically leave the shipping point to reach the customer on time.

14.Total Weight:LIKP-BTGEW

The total gross weight of all items in the delivery.

15.Acutal goods movement date:LIKP-WADAT_IST

You can preset the posting date for goods movement with the acutal goods movement date.

16.Total number of packages in delivery:LIKP-ANZPK

The total number of packages for all items in the delivery.

17.Material Number:LIPS-MATNR

Alphanumeric key uniquely identifying the material.

18.Delivery Quantity:LIPSD-G_LFIMG

The quantity of the item for delivery. The quantity expressed in sales unit.

19.Sales unit: LIPS-VRKME

unit of measure in which the material is sold.

20.Delivery Item Catogery:LIPS-PSTYV

A classification that distungishes between different types of delivery items

(for example return items and text items).

<b>so i need help that apart from this fields which i hv got while creating the outbound delivery did i missed any fields what are they? coz i have to send the excel format of all the fields to get the required data to start the recording for BDC</b>


Thankx & Regards,

Sunil kumar