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Few doubts ?

Hi guys,

I am a new bie in DMS, so coming up with few doubts..:

1. Can anybody explain me how versioning is done in DMS...a step by step approach..

2. A full process flow of CV01,02,03 Transactions....


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2 Answers

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    Oct 06, 2007 at 05:31 AM

    and also

    1. How ECL viewer is different from KPro ?

    2. How can i change the version of a doc ? and also is it mandatory that without check in i can't go for upper version..?


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    • Former Member

      Now talking about 2nd Qs

      for Kpro - knowledge provider


      ECL viewer is a <b>engineering Client viewer</b> used to view the engineering design files

      <b>files supported are</b>

      Formats of the 2D viewer:

      - 906, 907: Calcomp 906, 907 (vector)

      - bmp: MS Windows or OS/2 bitmap file (raster)

      - C4: JEDMICS C4 tiled raster format (raster)

      - CGM: Binary Computer Graphics Metafile MIL-D-28003 FormatANSI X3.122

      - DWF: Vector-based drawing format (vector)

      - DWG: AutoCAD internal drawing format (vector)

      - DXF: AutoCAD external drawing format (vector)

      - GIF: CompServe color raster format (raster)

      - HPGL: HP Graphics Language (HPGL and HPGL/2) (vector)

      - IGES: Initial Graphics Exchange Input File Specification, MIL-D-28000

      - JPEG: JPEG file (raster)

      - MDL: Model file (vector)

      - MI: HP CoCreate ME 10/ME 30 file format (not available on SGI and


      - MLR: MIL-R-28002 Type 1 raster

      - MPC: Multi-page CALS file

      - OVL: Markup layer

      - PCX: Windows Paintbrush image file

      - PICT: Macintosh Paint file format

      - PNG: PNG file format

      - PS: PostScript (Level 1, Level 2, EPS)

      - RAS: Bi-level Sun raster

      - RVF: Raser Viewing Format

      - TG4: CCITT Group 4 Type II tiled image format

      - TIFF: Tagged Image File Format

      - TLC: TLC file format

      - TRIFF: Monochrome, single and multi-page tiled raster file format

      - TXT: ASCII text file format

      Formats of the 3D viewer:

      - JT: Direct Model

      - STL: Stereolithography

      - VRML 1.0, for VRML 2.0

      these files are saved along with originals if any (like CAD Files SEP for solid edge)

      <b>Its not mandatory to check in for creating new version</b>.

      how to change version i have already mwntioned in my post 1

      AWARD if useful


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    Oct 06, 2007 at 09:59 AM


    Document data definition is composed of 3 things

    <b>Document No

    Doc Type

    Doc Part

    Doc Version</b>

    So lets take a case of doc no <b>abcd1234</b>

    doc type <b>dwg</b> this shd be defined in transaction DC10

    Doc part is <b>000</b> default

    Design departments, for example, can use document parts to divide up large documents such as design drawings into pages.

    doc Version>> is the version of the document this can take values 01 02 03 and so on

    In DC10 u have <b>vesion number increament</b> settings which decides the increment

    dont change and save anything if u r nt sure.

    CV01N is used now a days not CV01

    Its for creating new Doc

    While creating new doc u can give doc no,type,part,version

    now after savin a doc

    if u want to create a version of it

    u can goto cv01n and put same values for doc no,type,part and put version as 02 instead of 01

    this ll be new version for the doc



    new version


    and so on

    CV02N is used to modify the doc

    i.e change in description, status change, check in file etc etc.

    CV03N is for display of Doc


    Award the points if useful</b>

    I ll put new post for Kpro and ECL

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