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Sep 11, 2017 at 11:12 AM

Hybris Marketing Landing Page Webinar


Dear Experts,

I'm working in an Hybris Marketing on-premise scenario (1702).

I would like to create a landing page where a customer can subscribe for a webinar.

Then in segmentation I want to have for example the interaction type "webinar subscription" so that I can build a target group for all the participants and use it for a campaign.

The problem is that in the content-studio under point "Data Mapping" there is only the possibility to choose between "permission" and "subscription". When I choose subscription and test the page it always automatically takes the interaction type "NEWSLETTER_SUBSCR".

Is it possible to change that or do I have to solve that for example by adding an extra communication medium and then use the "permission" instead of "subscription"?

Is there an other (simple) way to create a landing-page where customers can subscribe for a newsletter AND a webinar?

Kind Regards