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Oct 05, 2007 at 10:59 AM

Delete PSA for InfoObject version 7.0?



I've created an InfoObject ZUMSKD that doesn't have any attributes, it has only text.In order to load the text in the InfoObject I created a Datasource. When prompted for the type I chose version 7.0. We're on Netweaver 2004s, so I figured I need a 7.0 type datasource, even though I've only used 3.x so far.

Every time I tun the Infopackage it generates a request in the PSA. When I run my DTP it loads data from the PSA into the data target. However, from what I understand, it is trying to load all requests and as a result I get an error for duplicate data. Do I need to delete ALL requests from the PSA of the text Datasource before I load any data?

I have a delete PSA process variant in my Process chain, but I've set it in the beginning of the chain and I include all InfoObjects. However I've set that to data older than 60 days. Our upload will be monthly. I thought that keeping two months of data in the PSA is a good idea?