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Sep 13, 2017 at 07:06 PM

aXML to IDOC not working properly at Runtime.


Hi Experts

Initially we have mapping from State Source to target Text_Line, this is successfully flowing in production.



Now I got a new requirement to add State to Region(which is of another segment)




Unfortunately I could see the mapping in ESR but at run-time mapping is not getting reflected,

My question is already existing field State is processing in production (/PORDCR102/IDOC/E1PORDCR1/E1BPMEPOTEXTHEADER[2]/TEXT_LINE) buy why not the below segment mapping not reflecting (/PORDCR102/IDOC/E1PORDCR1/E1BPMEPOADDRVENDOR/REGION)

Please provide your inputs on this.


1.jpg (177.2 kB)
2.jpg (100.8 kB)
3.jpg (17.1 kB)