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Multiple approvals within opportunity

Hi all,

Has anyone had the business requirements of building in multiple approval processes/workflows within a single opportunity? If so, how have you approached and implemented a solution?

Out of the box, C4C opportunity has one approval workflow. Our business requirements need 3 different approval gates before we set the opportunity to won/lost

Thanks for any suggestions

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2 Answers

  • Sep 18, 2017 at 10:52 AM

    Hi Sandico,

    You can have multi-Step approvals in C4C ( Out-of-box). Meaning, Case:1

    if Expected rev is more 100000-> approval goes to Employee A

    if Expected rev is more 1000000-> approval goes to Employee B

    if Expected rev is more 2000000-> approval goes to Employee C

    If it is Multi- level approvals,Case 2

    if Expected rev is more 1000000-> approval goes to Employee A -> Once A approves it, approval has to goes to B , and then to C. This is something which consultant has to work on configuration to achieve this. Example, Above 1000000, the approval goes to A, once A approves ,the status field will have to update custom field "Level 1 Approved" via workflow rule. In second approval rule we can configure if Level1 Approved is "yes" and Exp sale value is 1000000, then trigger to B.

    Case 3:Thirdly, it is possible that approval goes to three different people and all has to approve it, for the transaction to proceed further:

    Approvals goes to three people, transaction will be in In Approval status until all of them approves it. This can be achieved by clicking on All approvals required check box,Work distribution field has " Direct Approvers", it means employees who has direct approvers role in opportunity under involved parties are authorised to approve, if it is more than one direct approvers, then all of them have to approve for opportunity to proceed further.



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  • Sep 18, 2017 at 03:29 PM

    Hi Mark,

    Depends if you want to do this via SDK/coding or via Key User Tools. For SDK have to document the approval process then have your technical resource implement.

    Via KUT, you can do this with combination of fine tuning, extension fields, rule editor, code list restrictions, page layouts (if desired) and workflow rules.

    1. Create new party role definitions in Fine Tuning for Approver 1-3. That would be 3 entries. You will also add these as an involved party on your opportunity fine tuning for involved parties. If the same approvers are attached to each account, you can setup automatic determination once the master data is setup. If unique to each opportunity, user will have to set each approver manually by selecting the employee on the sales team facet in the opportunity.

    2. Create 3-6 extensions fields. If workflow conditions for approval can be triggered by status or some other conditions in fields you already have on the UI, you only need 3 extension fields. You would use the three fields for each approver to select a dropdown option for approval (Appproved, Rejected, Revision Needed). You could use the rule editor to make the field mandatory and all other fields display only until Approval 1 is set after conditions are met. You would do this for each approval field, when its conditions for approval are met. You could also use page layouts to ensure only approvers have the field open to them to edit, and those who request approval only see as display only. Use the rule editor again to ensure, when conditions for Approval 1 are set, that only the extension field for 1st approval is open for editing.

    3. If your conditions for approval cannot be met with fields already available to your user, you might need 3 more fields that trigger the approval stages. Which a user can manually set (can use rule editor to ensure they set it) or you can set them via workflow via conditions. Once the Approval Needed extension field 1 is set, this would be a condition for the field "Approval Outcome 1- "Rejected, Revised, Approved" to be set by custom involved party Approver 1.

    4. You use workflow to send emails to each approver based upon the conditions from already available or custom fields from step 3 being set. And under recipient determination you choose one of the approvers based on which step. Step 3 approval needed would choose receipent Approver # 3. So you would use 3 workflows which could be 3 different forms.

    5. Lastly, you can also code list restrictions you stop the opportunity from being set to Won/Lost. This may require multiple code list restrictions based on your rules of when a certain status can be set.


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