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Application compiled to SP20 on Computer with installed SP21


Up to SP20 it was easy possible to run an application which was compiled using then SP0 to SP20 assembly without recompiling or adding an app.config. Is this possible with SP21? I don't think so.

Starting such an old SP20 application on a computer with installed SP21 asks for 13.0.2000 assemblies. The SP21version has changed to 13.0.3500

If not then I'm stuck to SP20. It is not possible to Change both: Update all Computers to SP21 and recompile all applications which use the crystal reports assemblies.

Is it possible to install both Versions side by side? AFAIK the SP21 uninstalls all previous versions.


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3 Answers

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    Sep 14, 2017 at 10:00 PM
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    • I read it. I understand it, but It doesn't help me.

      My problem is that I we have about 250 computers running software from us and from two other departments.

      Some of the software is local on the computers, some is run from network.

      All the software uses the 'old' assemblies. We would like to go to SP21 with our software. So we have a conflict:

      1. We can't change every software and every computer at once.

      We would have than computers with SP20 installed and software compiled to SP20 and SP21. The workaround can tell software to use the SP21 assembliens instead of the SP20. The Workaround should only by used when SP21 is installed.

      In earlier releases it was possible to upgrade the servicepacks without these troubles.


  • Sep 18, 2017 at 03:59 PM

    With Major platform changes like this the only option is to bring them all up to SP 21.

    CR for VS cannot run side by side with other version. To be MS compliant you need to use SP 21.

    Lots of People complained we were using the 2005 C++ dependency, MS stopped supporting it last year so we brought ours up to date.

    To do so required updating the Framework and VS 2015 C++ dependency to VS 2015 and minimum of 3.5 framework from 2.0.

    You can't do both....


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    Former Member
    Nov 17, 2017 at 07:49 PM

    Would it have been possible to change the major version of the Runtime instead (ie. 14.0.1) thus allowing us to keep 13.0.19 installed alongside ? Should I understand that this was not an option ?

    The change in assembly version causes us big problems since we have to support old versions of our softwares and upgrading them all to 13.0.21 is not a viable option.



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    • No, reversioning to 14 is not an option since that is the same version of BOE .NET.

      It's all at the cost of new platform updates. MS stopped supporting VC C++ runtime so we have to update to VC 2015 C++ runtime. No option to roll back.

      If your customers do not want to upgrade or will upgrade then only option is to have 2 builds to maintain until they all update.