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Smartforms form download by excel office

Sep 13, 2017 at 05:29 AM


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hi expert i have a question

how to download for smartfroms to excel

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Usually,Functionals/End Users will deisgn the mock up of the layout in an excel and provide it to the developers to get a look and feel of how they are expecting the output of the form ( Script or Smartform ) should look like.

If you want the excel output of the Smartform output,then the same needs to be handled in the driver program using the final internal tables that you are passing to the Smartform FM.

Kindly share what exactly you are looking for in detail.



top picture is smartforms layout .

upper picture download to excel office same layout .

how could look like make this ~~

look-like-this.png (19.0 kB)
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Data can be downloaded to Excel,but if you are expecting the same Smartform Layout Output to excel,then I doubt if that is possible.Let's await experts opinion.


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1 Answer

Simone Milesi Sep 14, 2017 at 06:47 AM

Hello Dongbu, what did you try? Did you search like this?

But most important, why to download a form into an excel? Which is the business requirement to do such thing?

The only solution i got in mind would be pretty tricky and the result really ugly.

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