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Sep 12, 2017 at 04:37 AM

SAP NetWeaver Identity Management System Copy - Copying the Identity Center Database


Hello All,

We have to migrate our IDM application to new hardware.

Current Level : Netweaver 7.3 SP 16

IDM 7.2 SP 10

We have decided to do with below approach.

Build a new IDM system on new hardware and copy identity database by following "SAP NetWeaver Identity Management System Copy Guide - Copying the Identity Center Database".

But We have to upgrade our Netweaver version to 7.4, IDM components will remain at same level.

Can we build a new IDM system with Netweaver 7.4 directly and then Copy identity database? Please suggest if this is possible.

As per System copy guide, prerequisities require

1 - both source and target database to be on same database schema version.

2 - All SAP netweaver identity management components on source and target database must be same level. [ Does this infer netweaver components as well?? ]

Thanks Hema