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CR2008 Salesforce TLS 1.1 JAVADIR64 value

Sep 11, 2017 at 07:49 PM


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Below knowledge publication makes reference to a note 2261716 but the link is broken. I have CR2008 and have received the error in the attached image. I have CR2008 12.7.3 and am trying to login. I am using the correct URL i.e. and password is correct also.

For Crystal Reports 2008, since TLS1.1 and higher version only support java 1.7+, and the default java version integrated in Crystal Reports 2008, and Crystal Reports 2011 is Java JVM 1.6. You have to manually modify the JavaDir64 value in CRConfig.xml file. Please refer to SAP Notes 2261716 to update CRConfig.xml file.

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Vitaly Izmaylov
Sep 11, 2017 at 11:00 PM

2261716 - Steps to update java path in CRConfig.xml


How to change default java path in CRConfig.xml.

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Reason and Prerequisites


1.Download and install 32bit/64bit oracle JRE from Oracle Java download site:
2.Go to path containing CRConfig.xml(located on the path: {BOEINSTALLDIR}\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\java)
3.Open to edit CRConfig.xml file
4.Update JavaDir32 or JavaDir64 value to point to those installed on step1, for example:
<JavaDir32>C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin</JavaDir32>
<JavaDir64>C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin</JavaDir64>
5.Save and close CRConfig.xml file.
6.Restart BI server to make the update work.


a. JavaDir32: Configuration for Crystal Report 201x and BI Client Tools, currently the java version is Oracle 32bit Java 1.7 in BI4.0/ 4.1.
b. JavaDir64: Configuration for BI server to run Crystal Reports related functions requiring java environment, currently the java version is SAP 64bit JVM6 in BI4.0/ 4.1. If you would like to change the java version used in BI server or Crystal Server, only need to change JavaDir64 value.


Update Java path in CRConfig.xml to use other supported Java versions.

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Former Member Sep 12, 2017 at 05:19 PM

Thanks, this worked

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