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How to calculate Rebate condition in PO

Sep 11, 2017 at 03:00 PM


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How to calculate Rebate condition in PO conditions...

We want below calculation....

Basic Price ------------------------- 100.00

Taxes on the PO ------------------ 17.00 (Tax Code amount)

Additional Tax 20% on Taxes -- 3.40

Total Amount --------------------- 120.40

Rebate amount ------------------- 10.00

Amount after Rebate----------- 110.40

But in my case...due to rebate condition type, Net Price is reducing by Rs.'s showing 100.00-10.00 = 90.00 (and we want rebate condition should calculate on landed cost)....

How to meet my requirement...

Please help.

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show your calculation schema and explain your settings



Please check the below screenshots for Condition Type & Calculation schema...

condition-3.png (202.2 kB)
schema.png (120.1 kB)
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1 Answer

Dibyendu Patra Sep 11, 2017 at 03:18 PM

The reason you have not made the rebate condition type as accrual.

If you do not make any condition type as accrual or statistical, then it will effect net price. The calculation will happen as per your defined calculation schema.

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Hi Dibyendu,

If we maintain "tick" against accrual for rebate condition type.... then PO is correct...Net value is showing 100.


Rebate condition amount not deducting during MIGO & MIRO process....Please see below screenshots....

PO ------------> see landed cost showing 110.00 (after rebate amount deduction).

MIGO ----> Rebate amount not deduct here....

MIRO ----> Rebate amount not deduct here....

Please suggest, how to deduct the rebate values from MIGO & MIRO.



po.png (102.8 kB)
migo.png (110.5 kB)
miro.png (135.2 kB)

I think you have made this condition type REBA as statistical in your calculation schema.

Remove the statistical tick from calculation schema and maintain the accrual key in calculation schema.



We don't maintain the statistical tick in pricing procedure....see below screenshot...

Please reply.

schema.png (120.1 kB)

You have also not maintained the accrual key. Please enter an accrual key for the line item 99.



As you suggest, i maintain accrual key in calculation schema and MIGO showing entries like....

item no. 4 is showing Rs. 10.00 in provisional account and closing stock showing 110.40....


this line item not flowing during MIRO processing...there value showing 120.40.

Please guide...

6.png (122.8 kB)

Wouldn't you expect to pay the full invoice?

Rebate is something that you get from your vendor at the end of the year, if that would be in the invoice then it is just a discount and not a rebate


No....amount should be 110.40 in MIRO (excluding Rebate amount Rs. 10.00).........

Discount condition type also showing same behaviour....


Any clue sir...